Tuesday, June 13, 2006

customer disservice

so i hit a curb last thursday and flattened my front right tire as well as destroyed the frame.

it happens, no big deal. i call the dealer and schedule an oil change and tell the guy "i have a scion xa, bought it from you in february. i hit a curb, flattened the tire and bent the frame". he tells me that the tire will cost $98, etc. itll only take an hour or two and we set up an appointment for saturday

on saturday i drive from shaker square to brookpark and w. 137th on the service roads since i only have a donut and not a full spare. they tell me that they can't do it til mon. (apparently the guy who set up the appointment forgot to put the order in) but that they have a dealer's frame that costs $25, which i take and acceptingly set up an appointemtn for tuesday.

so there i am this morning, and the guy says to me "well, i just found out the frame i told about is for an xb and so you will have to pay full p;rice (i am not annoyed at this point, it happens)but we wont have the correct wheel until tomorrow. sorry but its not anything i did"

then i was mad. this man works for a company. when he speaks to a customer, he represents every worker who played a part in this. and this experience is costing me time and money, the trip is close to thirty miles round trip (close to one hundred miles to have my dealer put a new tire on my car when gas is $3?!!) and also when they told me they had a frame for me that was for the wrong car, that was entirely their responsibility.

i understand i understand that this specific man was not entirely responsible (though i am mildly suspicios that he is not only the man who set the appointment, but also the one who was careless when looking frames up on the computer) and that it is difficult to be a representative for a large corporation such as metro toyota and to sometimes have to do the "mea culpa" for others, but whatever happened to taking responsibility for error. had the guy just said, we messed up and offered me a ten dollar gas card (for over $400 worth of a tire replacement including my milage) or something that instead of saying "i didn't do it!" like a kid who just broke a vase, i would have had no problem here...can i blame wal-mart for this one too?

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