Monday, February 19, 2007

cleveland, iran...whats the difference

from the plain dealer
Cleveland: Whaddya mean we're not gay-friendly?
Sunday, February 18, 2007

According to the PlanetOut Travel Awards, Ohio ranks at the very bottom of the list of gay travel destinations, right along with Iran and Uganda. (And those places have better weather.)

pretty sad that we are on the same list as two countries with major human rights issues...i did an image search for "iran, gay" and i dont know what i expected to find but what came up was photo after photo of the execution of two gay teens that were caught....

i wonder how it feels, ohio, to have legislation in place that is a first step toward a similar outcome...and i am not exaggerating, what starts as a "marriage ban" can slip into jail time and then toward a capitol offense if religion is allowed to rule the government, whether the religion is islam or christianity...or judiasm for that matter (as israel has similar issues between the religious and the gay community as everyplace else does)....

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Sorriah42 said...

If I remember correctly, the NPR story mentioned that, in Ohio, if you're boss finds out you're gay and is so inclined, you you can be fired and have no repercussions . There was a discussion with the gbla president and someone from the tourism bureau trying to make Ohio, Cleveland especially, more gay friendly.

Go Gay or Go Home. Who cares what you are, as long as you're a decent person.

molly said...

yeah, they removed homosesxuality as a protected trait in '98 or '99- i had just recently moved back to town and i remember how devastated i felt by that move...but i cant say i ge tyour "go gay or go home" statement"

Sorriah42 said...

It was just me trying to be supporting of the gay community. I meant - accept homosexuality. It just didn't come out right (or "write" for that matter).

molly said...

haha, youre so punny !!
thanks for the clarification

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