Monday, February 26, 2007

premature wake-up

one thing about stress for me is i tend to wake up in the middle of the night and then am unable to fall back asleep....its not due to thinking, i know how to meditate, just count slowly, whether just nmbers or sleep, and it does empty the mind, but still i am awake...

i dreamt i was a bear last night, growly and grumpy (which i am at this point)....and i keep looking for something that will reduce the stress...but friends like to tell you not to stress out, its like no one can just say "yeah man, starting a new job kinda sucks (well, thats exactly what my friend tonya said, but we never see eachother, its all phone contact so its not quite the same....)

then i dreamt i was trapped ina cave and it was filling up with water and there was this small hole at the top that looked blocked by knarly, twisty roots or earth and when i got to it, the knarls fell apart but ther ewere jail cell bars above it...but atleast my head was above water

...all this and still awake for good by 4:30...

Song of the day: sandman- metallica

1 comment:

HitThaFloor said...

Next time you can't sleep feel free to stop on by. Little One's awake by 6. Wanna come and let me sleep??? he he he

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