Thursday, February 01, 2007

gestalt: exercise in the moment-conflict

conflict- doesnt scare me when two people are able to discuss conflict,

does not always have a solution, outcome (but we are so outcome based)

my last big conflict was with jay (the facilitator that i had trouble with the first two weeks) i dont know if it was resolved, but it wasnt left as an open sore ether...which it can be (2/2/07-jay and i talked at the end of the day yesterday, and it was nice to finally connect).

i wish words were more divided, we call the middle east a conflict, and i guess it is but it adds so much anger to the idea...jackie gave us a packet once "sitting in the fire" i wish i could reread it right now as it had a lot of good ideas...ofcourse, that adds the color red to it, and heat and smoke, smoldering embers

...and all that is leading into breaking up into groups of four to discuss what we want and dont want as far as conflict in the group is concerned

Song of the day:fight for the right (to party)- twisted sister

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