Monday, February 12, 2007

dream: gestalting cockroaches

dream: at the gestalt institute. the building is much rickitier then in reality, and we sleep there instead of going home fort the night. all the participants are around my age (in reality, there is a span of 26 through late sixties or early seventies, the majority in their mid-fourties through late fifties). i have a roommate named shelly.

then we are walking around, looking for groups and there is a man who i thought was israeli-or maybe arabic (dark loosly culed hair to his shoulders, darker skin, thin in a tee-shirt), and he is teaching us certain things in my room and i have to say to him "wow, your methods are very different then our methods here!" and he says "they have to be, i flew for air puma!!"

then it is just me and the israeli/arabic guy in the bedroom, and there are suddenly cockroaches climbing on the walls, and i said to him "oh, please dont tell shelly about this" as i klnew it would upset her, and i started to leave the room and turned and said "you know, never mind, do what ever is true for you" and left the room...

i could hear someone yelling from far off and i went looking for the yelling, people were everywhere and so were the cockroaches. i was barefoot and stepped on one, aand it got stuck betweeen my pinky and second toe, and i thought 'go find paper towels and get it fully off outside" so i went into the kitchen (which was actually the kitchen in the family house i sold in 2003), grabbed some paper towels and went out onto the porch (which was also the porch from this house), passing two other squashed roches on the ground and the screaming girl who by now was just watching roaches crawl on the walls with her mouth open but only a quiet 'oh' kept erupting. on the porch i found shelly and told her about the cockroaches and she looked at me smiling and said "yeah, i noticed"- then i woke up

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