Tuesday, February 27, 2007

how i know republicans are against the working man...

from yahoo news:
Labor language threatens antiterror bill
By LAURIE KELLMAN, Associated Press Writer
15 minutes ago

WASHINGTON - President Bush and his Senate allies will kill a Sept. 11 antiterror bill if Congress sends it to the White House with a provision to let airport screeners unionize, the White House and 36 Republicans said Tuesday.

"As the legislation currently stands, the president's senior advisers would recommend that he veto the bill," said White House spokesman Scott Stanzel.
Senate Republicans swiftly backed up the threat with a pledge by more than enough senators to block any veto override attempt.

the reasoning behind this? republicans believe, with the support of dick cheney, that unionization will impede the ability to "quickly respond to possible threats"...

am i the only one who sees the irony in this statement? was it unionization that caused the response to katrina? is it unionization that caused the war situations? NO NO NO...aand i have to say, terrorism didnt cause the response to either of these situations either, our own government caused both...

unionization keeps the richest of the rich from getting even richer because they are forced into providing decent wages for decent work....

and so the republicans bought the nation through religion and tax cuts....there is more to life than that

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HitThaFloor said...

On the other side, the reason for unions today is so much different then ages past. If you see how much $ union wages cost a grocery clerk and the wage that they earn and the benefits that they reap, I think they pay their union too much. It doesn't pay to work at a grocery store with those union wages.

molly said...

hmmm, this could be a very intereseting conversation....how is the reason for unions different? the increase in wages and benefit is much high then the union dues...and from what i understand, dave's super market is unionized, and they make $16-20 and hour and get full medical....that might be incorrect, but except for wal-mart, unionizing DOES help, and protect your job (which at wal-mart, they fire people for trying to unionize, and have bad work practices, such as only giving workers 39 hrs. per week, making them part time and ineligible for benefits, or demanding over-time work for regular wages.

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