Thursday, February 01, 2007


last night i dreamt i was at the institute and jackie was there, and she said to me "i dont get your hesitation, cant you feel me?" and i, with exasperation replied "yes, i just feel so unsure!" and jackie says "why?" and i said "because this is going to change my whole life!".... and then i woke up.

whats funny is, i think we had this conversation for real, i dont know about what anymore, only in the memory i answered her why with "i dont know! i just am"

Song of the day: on the steps of the palace- sondheim/lapine

"he's a very smart prince,
hes a prince who prepares
knowing this time id run from him,
he spread pitch on the stairs,
i was caught unawares,
and i thought "well, he cares...
this is more then just malice,
better stop and take stock
while your standing here stuck
on the steps of the palace
You think, What do you want?
You think, Make a decision!
Why not stay and be caught?
You think, Well, it's a thought..
What would be his response?
But then what if he knew who you were,
When you know that you're not what he thinks that he wants?
And then, what if you are
What a Prince would envision?"- cinderella


Sorriah42 said...

Could that maybe be anxiety about accepting the position. It is exciting, but it is change and life-changing! I am so excited for you. (Boy, it's easier looking at other people's dreams sometimes)

molly said...

you are so goods sometimes!!

it muist also be said that this was a rather uncomplicated dream....yours are often real involved and lengthy, this was just a quick snippet dream (though i was tangled up in the imagery)

thanks youyarddog4

Anonymous said...

We had a conversation somewhat like that I think..
But dreams are real in their own way.

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