Wednesday, January 31, 2007

gestalt journaling- therapy hours and the strangely similar cousins

warning: id rather you not read this one mom, or any other titled "gestalt journal",...ill applaud your restraint (aha, finally using the clause).

i have a great therapist, jody. she has brought me so far from where i was, but there are things we just cant talk about. we both know this, and so i have made the decision to use the required therapy hours (mandatory for gestalt graduation)for our resolution/closure, though i must say its time to be heading towards termination for multiple reasons- the strongest being i am learning more from living my life now then from talking about it, and the things we can not talk about are just the catalyst for starting this period of the therapeutic relationship (and yes, jody and i discussed it).

the things we can not talk about? we cant talk about jackie for starters (and jackie, you may want to stop here if you would be uncomfortable knowing these things. ive realized that this is my gestalt notebook-its just not on paper) i thought long and hard about this post, but i would put this in the paper journal if i was motivated to handwrite.

jody and jackie are first cousins, both named after the same grandpa joe, and as i started to approach my intense response to jackie, instead of really looking at what was behind it we got tangled in the figure instead of dealing with the ground and jody first became defensive for her cousin(i was very confused by the whole interaction with jackie at first), and then she got jealous ("you want jackie to be your therapist, dont you?!" she kept saying for months, no matter how often i tried to assure her that she was the one i wanted). were doing our best to work through it, jody and i, but it changed things....i really hope noone reading this knows who im talking about...

Song of the day: all my relations-ulali

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Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

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