Wednesday, January 24, 2007

gestalt- revisiting the cycle of experience

ok, ok, i found yet another place where the two different versions of the cycle i have received differ, the step of resolution.

it started the other morning with hess, who said to me "if i were in the gestalt group, i would have to argue the point of closure as nothing ever really ends. no such thing actually exists" and something in what he said rang true for me...

so i went back to my groups class notebook, where i spent some time looking at the cycles of my clients last fall,and realized, not only did the newest version of the cycle i received have two extra circles but the step of resolution was missing, i guess lumped up into closure.

when resolution is included in the cycle, it acts as the place where contact meets some sort of outcome or solution (for lack of better words) and closure is more about the physical and static connection ending- more like withdrawing for the moment then ending-, making room for another cycle to start.

Song of the day: boys of summer- don henley

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