Saturday, January 06, 2007


another gestalt principal is to use the breath to help meter Self, to make a space in which to think, to slow everything down, to keep the panic at bay.

during the workshop, when the group was large and i was able to melt into the whole, i found myself using the breath alot to help keep from panicking. i mean, the room is rather small, the amount of people is rather great, and there is alot of internal dialogue to manage during the hours of exercise, sharing and listening and since impatience often makes me feel like i want to panic, jump right out of my skin, going back to the breath really did help.

then there i am in practicum, and those timeouts in the session for "consultations", and the supervisor says to me "are you breathing" (as i was very upset that saturday, overwhelmed and tearful)and i said back "shallowly" but refused to take it back to the breath with these four other women watching, and i stayed dizzy and uncomfortable for the rest of the session (im so damn stubborn).

as a person, when i get overwhelmed my initial response is to panic, not breath, and then after the initial panic, when i have a little room to think, i can calm myself down and make whatever caused the panic managable...i think im going to try this breath thing for awhile, even if other people are watching, as i think i would have to "fix" alot less, and there would be alot less ambivilance

Song of the day: exit music (for a film)- radiohead


Anonymous said...

Did you dream of her and your face?

molly said...

no...but the question is did you dream of me and her face?

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