Friday, January 19, 2007

whats wrong with this picture?

hess says my energy is different right now;
"if i believed in auras and could see them, id say yours is a dark crimson with specks and flashes of black!"

im trying to figure it all out, i think i am a little crabby-concerned about whether or not my application to akron will be accepted (it was due in by monday, but my official gre scores wont be sent til the end of next week), concerned that i am procrastinating on job hunting (there are things i want!! i need another income), and i am still being lazy, lazy with the diet/exercise regimen...

what is wrong with this picture
? i have everything i need to leap into my life with zest, except maybe the confidence in self to manage starting a new job without being overwhelmed...there is a reality that once upon a time i had extreme work phobia, and i do ok if an opportunity just presents itself for work, but i am not as skilled at seeking out it feels too risky
...thats all

oh, and p.s., bellfaire wanted me, but i didnt want the schedule of in-home work

Song of the day: she talks to angles- black crows

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