Wednesday, January 17, 2007

winter morning

ive only recently learned to appreciate winter
its a crisp, snowy white day, the type of day that my mum dislikes. she likes winter for the grayness and dreariness, so she can stay home and sit in front of a fire (which is what i am doing right now at the coffee shop up the road from my apartment).

i walked the lake
stopping to breakfast with a squirrel...

it was a good morning (such a good morning i forgot an appointment and will now have to double pay, but oh well)


Pesha said...

Ooh, how wonderful to snack with the squirrel. You're right, I do perfer the dreary days, but I would take sun with the snow if I could just have the snow. It's cold enough here, it just won't snow. The sun harrassed me yesterday until I thought I would scream!

Anonymous said...

Jeez Mol,
That squirrell is totally posing for you!! Practically flirty i would say

molly said...

blush, yeah i know...glad you thoguht so too...i thought i might have just been personifying

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