Friday, January 12, 2007

i have this intention

you know, i dont know when i became an exhibitionist, but i cant seem to journal in a real notebook right now....anyhow, i have this intention

dont know why this is an intention of mine...i mean, certainly it sounds interesting, but it feels somewhat elusive, like i cant really get a grasp on an itch that im very aware of, but hesititate to scratch, theres something wanted in the sensation.

i just, i dont know if im ready like to be, but i still have some surface stuff in my way... ( by the way, im not giving any detailed information, as my scorpio nature tells me to be protective lest everyone else decides that it sounds like a good idea, and then there's no room left for me-im smiling as i write this, but only half kidding)

Song of the day: counting backwards- throwing muses


Pesha said...

Ah, now I'm intrigued.

It was good seeing Yary too.

Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

What I find intesting is not the fund, but rather the symbol you thought to include on the piggybank.



molly said...

love ya, but her name was yari with an "I" and yeah, sometimes its really good to remember her...

molly said...

why jeff? what does the symbol mean? i was kind of going for the four seasons/directions, but i know i drew it funny...

Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly

In Native America spirituality, shaman speak of the four (sometimes six) directions in much the same way Jews do when we wave (not shake) the lulav in the sukah.

They also speak of them as the four intentions, which, in your case, is particularly significant.

Is Wolf Creek a crossroads and not a destination?



molly said...

wow, are you deep today jeff, and im not ure how to anwer that i aid, it eluive (and i keep using that word but i actually need to look it up)...oh, and i forgot to mentionearlier, its not a piggy bank, its a tiki bank!!

Sorriah42 said...

My comment is more banal:

Quote from Molly: "like i aid, it eluive"

Me responding: I think you're missing some "s's". Are you missing you're two front teeth (big smile). He he he (I crack me up sometimes)

molly said...

smile, i cant barely eat anything with these gaping holes!!

i didnt know what to do...i cant "edit" comments on blogger, but i was to lazy to rewrite

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