Thursday, January 25, 2007


after having a second interview with a guy named bill (and no, oyu did not miss any steps, the second interview was right after the first interview in the same building) i have most likely been (95%, gotta wait for the definite out of the mouth of HR) been hired as a school based therapist at margeret a. ireland, a school for seventh to ninth graders that have all (and this is the best part in my mind) failed at least two grades...i dont really have to worry about family preservation at all for the first three months, and you never have more then one family in family pres. at a time (which is the in-home stuff i did not want to do)...

i am really happy, adolescents are my favorite and i will still be working with alot of mental health issues


Sorriah42 said...

I am very proud of you! See you Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Congrats again, or should I say cheeeeer!

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