Friday, January 26, 2007

what we bring forward

i dont know if this is a gestalt thing or not, i dont have my notebook with me, but what i as a person chooses to bring forward in life (conversation, writing, artistic representation) really structures most of what goes on around me

i got a job yesterday. all the paperwork still needs to be done, but i did, i got a job and i ofcourse had to let everyone know that i got a job. some people i called, some people i saw, and a few i emailed (and not in a group email, i think i wanted to connect differently to everyone)

most of the responses i got were predictable, but not jackie, jackie sends me these graphics of cheerleaders jumping up and down, and there i am, picturing her jumping around in a tiny little cheerleader outfit waving pompoms, and it was so contrary to how i usually see her in my mind that i wrote back "lol, would never have taken you for the cheerleading type!"

well, she writes back that who she is cheering FOR is more important then the act of cheering..

i realize now how often i miss contact (see gestalt cycle ) because i choose to take the safer route, in this case deciding to 'crack a joke to lighten the mood' path, instead of just saying, 'wow, jackie, thanks, your excitement for me was a great thing to wake up to!' (and it was, my smile got bigger and my chest felt expansive, i felt connected)

i think i will give more consideration to what i bring forward.

Song of the day:hey mickey- toni basil


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

Uh huh.



molly said...

can you explain further?

molly said...

wait, never mind, i know exactly what you were responding to now (my need to say anymore)

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