Monday, August 27, 2007


i have a very hard time believing that what i find disappointing is actually real.....i just want to shake my head hard and rub my eyes a few times, and then everything will be the way i want it....

most of all, i find disappointment in relationship impossible to accept..i need to hear the truth straight up, otherwise, the possibility of things being the way i think they are is too strong to let go of.......and i think people who are no longer interested in a relationship, but "dont want to hurt the other persons feelings by telling them" are full of shit, i think they fear taking responsibility for their own truth, and instead of being honest out of respect and kindness, lie for awhile (for me, its always kinder in the long run to hear the truth then it is to find out that youve been deceived for a period of time)

just wanted to share

Song of the day: done wrong- ani difranco


HitThaFloor said...

Sorry you feel that way. I can completely relate.

Anonymous said...

Your post makes me really sad. You probably know a lot more about this stuff than I do, but here’s what I think…

I think many people take their “deep personal relationships” way too seriously. Many years ago, a friend’s dog taught me a lesson. I was visiting a friend (another Larry) who had an old dog named Sam. Whenever the other Larry came home Sam would go absolutely nuts for about 20 minutes. His tail would be wagging so hard it would almost fly off, he’d roll over and over, he’d whimper, and jump up and down, run around in circles and well you get the picture. I thought Sam was overdoing it a bit and remarked, “Sheesh, he’s really hamming it up.” The other Larry looked at me kind of funny and said, “No, he’s really that full of love.” Sam was completely honest and had absolutely no expectations. I’d like to be more like Sam.

I wish everyone were honest could just be friends and not hurt each other by worrying about hurting each other or messing up their expectations all the time. Many people take themselves so seriously that they are afraid to interact because someone might take it the wrong way or whatever. And it hurts. But remember that in the end it is all a learning experience.

One of the things I miss about your neighborhood is that whenever I’d have one of those disappointing days where I felt like kicking over a garbage can, I run into some friends who’d pull me out of it. And I’d do the same for them.

Maybe a different song of the day would be “You gotta to have friends” by Buzzy Linhart.


molly said...

but you got to have friends, hmmm....

"i had some friends but theyre gone
something come and took them away
from the dusk the dawn
here is where ill stay, hey hey hey
standing at the end of the road boy,
waiting for my new friends to come..."

lol, can you believe i know this song??

and folks, there is no need to be sad or sorry, im just learning

molly said...

oh, ands larry, andy tells me yall and buzzy used toi be crazy on coventry together...pretty cool

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