Friday, August 24, 2007

andy update

roseanna called, he's a little healthier, and has been exhubated and all his tests look good...i think he will be out of icu by monday, and then i will see him.....and i will decorate his room or something

Song of the day: witch doctor- the chipmunks


Anonymous said...

That's wonderful news! I guess this prayer thing does work. I've been taking a lot of very long fast walks out here to try to get in shape a bit and I was thinking of Andy so I decided to check when I came in.

I hope the rest of my prayers are answered that when he gets out of there he'll realize that those of us who care about him want him around a while and he'll take better care of himself.

When you decorate his room be sure to keep it Andy style. Besides the squirrels, you might put some pictures of his “kids”. I think he’d like that.


molly said...

i was at the hospital yesterday, and it looks like he will maybe be moved out of icu today....then i will start considering decorations....though i have to say, he has a morphine button at thi point, and is foinding everything interesting so i dont know how necessary deocrating actually will be

he looks good, larry, and i told him youve been stopping by and thinking about him

Anonymous said...

Hey, that sounds Andy-Style to me.

You could really have fun with this. Some stuffed squirrels that no one else notices and maybe some fishing line.

Or, maybe a trip to Big Fun is in order. Everyone could visit him acting completely naturally while wearing groucho glasses while puffing on fake cigs... the ones that glow on the end puff fake smoke.

HitThaFloor said...


That's just a great image. But I think I'd use the cigar that was truly fake looking. More surreal. When I'm on my deathbed (and I'm not saying Andy is) you all should get together and do that to me. That way I'd go out laughing.

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