Friday, August 31, 2007

a heartening dream

dream: outside sitting with jackie, she reaches out and strokes my left cheek and she says "i do love you, you know" , and i respond with a strange grimace that slightly pulled away from her touch- "dont get me wrong" she says, knowing that the pull away is because i am confused by this after everything else "you really annoy me at times, but that doesnt discount that i care

it is hopeful for me because I know, it isnt about jackie, it is about what is inside my heart....ive been reading up on sufiism, and this book says that the essence of the teacher speaks to the essence of the seeker, and the teacher is just a mask, empty, impersonal- a bridge to the self......i just had trouble tolerating the ache i felt when i woke up.

Song of the day: put it out for good- amy ray

1 comment:

HitThaFloor said...

I like the way you cropped the picture.

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