Monday, August 20, 2007

wolf creek part I

with the weekend over, and having gotten a full nights sleep last night, i will take a few minutes to give a quick synopsis, and when i have a larger chunk of free time, i will begin to lay out the story...

the weekend was good...i will start by saying that i did have opportunity to talk with the majickal professor, and certainly there was some resolution...

but better, it was a weekend of spirit, going in with an intention of finding, creating was a weekend of animal messages, Spider came to me strongly, each day, and feathers were drawn to me, hawk, and pidgeon and blue jay

and it felt wonderful to just stay outside...all the toime (all though, i learned i need to buy an air mattress because i barely slept a wink on the sleeping pad, it was two feet shorter then me, and too thin for stmache sleeping)

Song of the day: country roads- john denver

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