Monday, August 27, 2007

those roots stretch

i was at shaker lake yesterday, and couldnt find my favorite tree!! it was a weird walk, the roots on the path seemed to stretch out with the intent of tripping and hurting me, and i could not find my here is a story i wrote, about meeting my tree....
coming to my favorite tree at the shaker lakes, there was a man in mauve heels and crimmpy dishwater blond hair to his shoulders standing on the tiny shore beneath the two foot high cliff i stood on, he appeared to be contemplating the chinese goldfish that were swimming up to the shore.

"best spot in the whole park" i commented as i took a seat on the boxey roots that circled around and around a thick-middled trunk. her shingled skin was silver-grey, and many hearts and initials had been carved, she was tall and her spring leaves had a silver sheen as well. yet this tree, tall and solid, was half ungrounded, her roots, so comfortable to sit among in the grass, spiraling out past the cliffs edge, and the outer-most layer, insecure and naked without ground, hung above the mud without modesty.

this tree, i had only met her the week before, seeming to sprout out of nowhere in this bufuddled mixture of natural cleveland weather and global warming. i began to come often after, just to sit on her chair shaped patch of grass that had a small step down for my feet on another rooted grass patch. she was comfortable.
then one day i came, and there sat a golden apple (with a perfect blush on one side even), it was a surprise....

"the roots stretch to every corner of the earth you know" i was pulled back to the man on the shore
"excuse me"
"the roots stretch to every corner of the earth...and theyre twins you know"
"what do you mean?" i asked the man, curious about his story
"look at it!" so i turned around and studied the tree, and sure enough it looked like siamese twins, with a definite cleft down the middle of her core.
"thank y....." i went to speak, thank him for pointing out this interesting aspect of my new friend, but the man was far down the path by then, little digs in the sand showed his high heeled steps, he just walked away, quickly and silently...

i wonder what other gifts these twins will bring forward.

song of the say: darling, dont you cry- buffy saint marie

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