Thursday, August 16, 2007

necrotizing fasciitis

my god-father (for lack of a better term, since he is of no blood relation to me, but the most important father figure in my life), my god-father, andy, he has necrotizing fasciitis.

the simpler term for this condition is flesh-eating bacteria, and andy was at risk due to his diabetes, chronic steroid use and a recent bedsore that just did not want to heal.

he will be in the hospital for atleast a is bringing up an awful lot for me, around health and illness and death

andy has been giving me my weekly avonex injections (all drugs to help slow the progresion of multiple sclerosis are injectables at this point)for close to ten years now, and i will be taking over that role until he is well again (i WILL NOT think about the 30% mortality rate that comes with necrotizing fasciitis, or about his poor health in general)...

i hate the wird "pray", i feel like it is too attached to religion and cannot do a good job of representing me and how i feel, but i recently read that praying is equal to helping, and in that case, i will pray for andy's recovery and do my best to support his wife through this

Song of the day: shed your skin- indigo girls


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

As you comfort, may you be comforted.

Mi Sheberakh

Avoteinu: Avraham, Yitzhak, v'Yaakov,

v'Imoteinu: Sarah, Rivka, Rachel v'Leah,

Hu yivarekh virapei

et haholeh Andy

HaKadosh Barukh Hu

yimalei rahamim alav,





V'yishlah lo

r'fuah shlemah,

r'fu-at hanefesh u-r'fu-at hagoof,

b'tokh sh'ar holei Yisrael v’holei yoshvei tevel,

hashta ba'agalah u-vizman kariv,

v'no-mar, Amen!



Anonymous said...

Hi Molly,

I found your blog when I was looking for ways to peek into my old neighborhood. Thanks! I saw you at the cafe 7/4 when I was visiting with your friend (I have a major crush on her total spirit) and Alan. I met you at Andy's a couple of years ago, but my memory failed me until after you left...sorry. I've known Andy for many, many years and visit whenever I'm in town.

Steroids mess up your immune system. I had my shoulder shot up once overseas to relieve some tendonitis and wound up with a staph infection on my elbow. In my case it was worth it as antibiotics cleaned it up and I'm pain free. In Andy's case they'll have to monitor him carefully to keep things in balance.

I think it is best to keep Andy's spirits up. Decorate his room with lots of stuffed squirrels or something so he feels at home. Give Roseanna lots of big hugs for me. They have my prayers from here at the edge of the world.


molly said...

thanks hess

molly said...

thanks for the suggestions larry...ill see roseanna this evening, but i wont get to see andy til he is a little better, but im sending a squirrell card for his birthday yesterday with her

...thanks for letting me know youve been reading

Anonymous said...

I hope Roseanna doesn't see this as her chance to get rid of his real squirrel friends that are eating up her garden. Be sure to keep us posted on his progress.


HitThaFloor said...

First of all, Andy is in my prayers as well. Secondly, I think there may be something subliminally going on. I didn't know that Andy liked squirrels until just this second and on Friday (the day after you wrote this) a squirrel was just about to crawl into Little One's stroller at the park. Literally - it was on the stroller and then standing about 2 feet from me. May there be strength in the healing process for Andy. He is well-loved, even by those who do not know him well.

PS - If you need help with shots, I'm available.

molly said...

thank you for your, the sent smaller needles for the shots and its much easier to do because of it, though i appreciate your courage (do you know how to give a shot? would you be willing to learn how for real? cause its always good to know that there are others who can do it if necessary)

flad youre home, id love to come for dinner and see everyone

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