Wednesday, August 15, 2007

jose padilla- you could be him!

ive spent the night in jail (for a bench warrent on a failure to appear in court, as i had gotten a ticket for expired tags in northern georgia, and then moved out of where i was living on not so good terms, so the ex-roomates didnt get my mil to me, and i had totally forgotten about the ticket entirely), and i, as a soft soul, found myself awake the entire night, pacing back and forth across my cell( i was alone, they kept me seperated from gen-pop, as i was a 19 year old white girl with a bench warrant from forsythe county, a very white county, and most all the inmates were black.... atleast that was my take.

i know that i have trust issues, but i think that for everyone, there is something about being locked behind bars, as its hard to trust that some people you have never met and who get paid to keep the public in line will remember that you are there and make sure you are cared for.

now the concern is even larger..... just for writing this post, the u.s. govenment can label me an "enemy combatant", say that i am sympathetic to the terrorist movement, arrest me and place me in a brig for years on end with no discernable legal representation or a clear understanding of why i am being contained- this is not an exaggeration, this is really could be me, and you!!

now i dont think its likely. it is no longer the '50's and there is no longer a "get the communist jew", such as when what is happening to padilla happened to the rosenbergs (also held -and convicted and electrocuted- on shaky grounds that did not really meet the burden of proof) but at the same time, does anyone remember john walker lindh anymore?

john walker linhd after arrest...reminds me of abu grahb-i see no wya in which this typr of treatment will increase real answers

the only thing that keeps the american governmental system working is that americans have been willing to risk their lives for their freedoms

Song of the day:welcome to the jungle- guns and roses


HitThaFloor said...

PS - Nice to see you blogging again. I'll be home soon and we'll hook up.

molly said...

smile, look forward to it

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