Thursday, October 18, 2007

excerpt from "in search of normalcy"- dan cavanaugh

....i am hunting normalcy
the romantic quest
to better myself
to be like others
and liked by others
and i must do what i must do

i am sure i will feel better
when i reach
the planet normal...

this just in
according to my scientific poll
...don’t look out,
but listen in..

ok so it wasn’t really scientific
kinda saw it on a bumper sticker
on the back of a semi
next to the bossom babe mudflaps
who knows what it means to him

could it be
normality is up
to me

ok, then
i’ll give it a shot
warm friends
with soft hearts
who live love
smile big
cry long
and who are willing to be
just be

so wouldn’t it be great if
as friends
you can be, and I can be

of the day

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