Thursday, October 11, 2007

setting up shiva; the importance of community

a friend's father died on monday....this is a first for me, and i wasnt sure what i, as a close friend, could do to lighten the load for my friend. she is the only girl of three children, and i am watching her stay strong and brave, trying to get everything set up.....i cleaned as much as i could on tuesday, and will be staying and setting up while everyone goes to the gravesite with two other women (who hopefully have more experience then me at shiva)

this past weekend, i did alot of thinking about the transition from girl to seemed to me that as a grew, there was little expectation that i take on new responsibilities...and i will talk more about this at another time, but we did some guided imagry of what it would be like if we lived in a tribal society and getting the first period was a very pronounced transition that brought new responsibility

so here i am, doing my best to be a strong friend, trying to take on as much as i know how to so as to make less work in this transition...and maybe i will join a temple, because i really have no idea what to do (thankful for my mother and hess, who are doing their best in guiding me to be helpful)

Song of the day: mourners kaddish- traditional prayer for the dead


HitThaFloor said...

You helped more then you could ever know. Dave and I are so grateful and lucky to have you as a friend. I couldn't have gotten through this without you. What a blessing!

molly said...


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