Monday, October 08, 2007

the lost wolf creek weekend: meeting brooke medicine eagle

i am still tired this evening, so i wont go into detail much, but this weekend was a workshop menat to replace our lost wc weekend from was interesting and different. i had never heard of her before, really, but brooke medicine eagle is a native american spiritualist and healer, musician and story-teller (thought the stories almost felt like they got in the way sometimes)....i especially loved the music, as music goes directly to my heart

and that majickal professor, the one who has all that sun energy for me, the one who vacated the role of teacher, the one who said she has nothing else she could teach me- i see that brooke is a teacher for her, gives her sun was interesting to watch brooke and her interact, but i felt every modicum of embarrasment the professor felt when brooke called her on stuff, which i noticed felt vindicating in an uncomfortable way, and it also made me a little annoyed with brooke in a "dont mess with my teacher!" kind of way...well except for this one time, brooke corrected the professor in service of me...then i felt relieved that it was being said by someone the professor would hear out...and i do think something has shifted between the professor and me again, but what it is, i will not even guess at

Song of the day: grandfather fire- brooke medicine eagle


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smile, what comes around truly does go around, eh?

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