Wednesday, October 24, 2007


andrew goodwin 8/15/48-10/24/07
thank you....always and forever
Song of the day: Serenade for strings in G major (eine kliene nachtmusak)-motzart


Anonymous said...

I was just about to call Andy when Possum called with the bad news yesterday. I wanted to take some quiet time to gather my thoughts. You are certainly growing up fast the past few weeks. Things like this remind us to treasure and cherish our friends and not forget what is really important. Give Roseanna a big long hug for me.

I was lucky to talk with Andy a couple of weeks ago. He was in a good mood and said it seemed like everyone he knew had called him that day. I told him how I was trying to get less out of shape by walking/running an hour or two a day. He said that he walked a half hour that morning in the house. Someone knocked on the door and it took him a half hour to answer it. It turned out to be the jehovah’s witnesses.

We talked only 22 minutes, but as is typical with a conversation with Andy, we touched on a lot of different stuff. (Everything from chopping firewood to greedy wannabe land developers to the situation in Burma and Iraq and the school shooting.) He said the news on TV is really depressing, both the news about brain-dead politicians and violence and the way it is covered. I reminded him that right now, the very survival of our planet depends on positive thinking and actions. Also, about a Chinese guy who said he doesn’t even have time to be happy... why should he waste his precious time letting others make him unhappy? A bad storm was supposed to blow in out here that night. I told him how I’m always afraid 100mph winds off the ocean would blow a big tree down that would squash me like a bug while I’m sleeping. And, what a kick in the butt it would be to have done so many different things in my life and have it just end like that. He said that was thinking that exact same thing about himself while he was in the hospital.

I’m going to really miss Andy’s stories and cynical common sense. Beneath his sometimes crotchety exterior, he was filled with genuine gentle caring and kindness.

molly said...

i was leaving a message on his answering machine at the exact time the doctor was pronouncing him....

roseanna is still in shock i think, and i am trying to get jeff to call her (i kind of irritate her)....unsure on everything right now....

thanks for sharing your story

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