Tuesday, October 16, 2007

hows my ms? just look into my eyes!

Simple eye-scan test could track progress of MS

hmmm...well, since scar tissue is the sign that i am showing on the mri, im not sure how helpful to me this will be (i hope to never have brain shrinkage, and take mymeds religiously), and im not sure how i feel about money being spent toward cheaper illness progression tracking instead of ways to slow and even stop as well as reverse progression, but hey, any advertisement/informationct of this illness is better then no advertisement/information...and the equipment for the eye scan costs less then 1/20 of an mri machine (no joke)so even in canada, youll be able to get your ms checked more often, just have the doc look into your eyes

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HitThaFloor said...

OK, so they can track your progress. What are they going to do with that information? I agree. Money would be better spent on other areas than tracking.

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