Monday, October 22, 2007

poem and the response that reminds me why i write

when i was real sick, jackie sent me some wolf creek readings, and through those readings, i wrote some pretty inspired poetry, but sometimes, i feel that my writing, since i make no money at it, is a waste of time, is disrespected by others, is not meeting the expectations that the world has for me...but then someone reminds me why i use this gift of storytelling, in what ever form....

my call

growing up, girl,
with passion, passion for the swing
set early on-yelling "louder!
louder!" little sandled feet
pumping as father
pushed harder, harder- correcting
girl, he said "higher,
you mean to say,
higher, you want to go higher!"

but girl knew better, cause she could hear-
she heard Wind chilly and clear in her ear,
drumming "make me louder! make me louder!"

the response
Molly, I had a swing in my back yard when I was little, and if I pumped just hard enough to go high enough, I could get my whole face right up in the
lilac tree and be surrounded by the blossoms, with their softness and
incredible smell. I was told my whole life to shh, not so loud. And yes, I
did want to go higher, but I also had, and I mean HAD, to be louder. Just
to be me, just to be normal, just to be true to my self. And I am learning about the OKness of being just as loud and high and fully my self as I want to be. Wow. I am so lucky.

....while knowing where the chain of influence is not necessary in life, i do like to see the circle of things by interacting with her sun, jackie became a sun for others (well, for me at least) and then i became a sun for this responder who can now be a sun for someone heart feels full right now

Song of the day: circle with in a circle- brooke medicine eagle

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