Saturday, October 27, 2007

just another day

yesterday was my was hard not to think about the fact that andy probably had a birthday card sittingin a drawer ready to give to me....
his wife, roseanna, jeff jaros and i stopped by briefly wednesday night to see her....her brother called while we were there

she doesnt like her brother, but she decided to give him all the gory details of the day...later, as jeff and i talked, we decided that it was easier for her to share with us what happened by telling her brother while we listened...she didnt have to look at us by doing it that way....i know that i will never forget the picture she described, but i will also not pass on the image to anyone else

the phone rang yesterday, and it was roseanna....she had a terrible cold, which explains why nothing is happening- no obituary in the paper, no plans for the memorial.....she called and said "hi molly, thanks for checking in on me.....i looked at the calendar and i see its your birthday and i would come out and play with you if i wasnt so sick"

Song of the day: silence


Anonymous said...

I knew it was sometime in October - you share your birth month with my friend(?) Anke....
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! May this new year bring you contentment and joy!

I also want to say sorry you lost your friend Andy. We truly are going into the dark times... my grandma died two weeks ago, Robins's dad, and I just heared an old friend back in boston who passed away recently. You all will be truly missed!

molly said...

thanks kirsti, for the birthday greeting

sorry to hear about your grandma

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