Thursday, August 10, 2006

alternative news sources and stories

i often have more respect for cleveland's alternative press then main stream.

this morning i found out that reuter's news service (the european version of AP) doctored photos from lebanon to make israeli airstrikes appear more damaging then they were. add that to the realization that many of the accounts are being retrieved from hezbollah fighters, and i end up pissed (though plenty of people are wiling to believe it)

this week, however, free times decided to take a look at what the new domestic violence laws are doing to unmarried woman who are abused, and it becomes screamingly obvious that we pay no attention to what is wrong here at home right now.

make sure to pick up a copy of the free times(it is afterall, free)and read "unintended consequences hurt just as much" by greg holzheimer. whether you end up agreeing with his bend or not, it certainly is something that is being ignored by the main stream press in these times of war and other types of unintended consequences

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