Saturday, August 05, 2006

sunset in brahtenal

(i didnt take this, but its Erie, and pretty close to what i saw last night)

i had never been over in brahtenal before last evening. maybe its because i have never payed that much attention to architechture, or maybe i have never thought it was all that fun to stare at the rich people, i dont know, but a friend invited me over to his place last night, and brahtenal happens to be where he lives, and we watched the sunset over lake erie from his back yard.

ours is an interesting and newer relationship, he had been in that groups class that so changed my way of thinking about the world, and its woncerful to still have someone from there to connect with... and now i have an open invitation to give a ring and go watch the sun set whenever my heart is in need! (i wonder about sunrise?)

lake erie can be beautiful, reflecting the reds and golds of the dying orb (is that pollution?...dont think about it), the watcher will have to gasp for breath a time or two in the last twenty minutes as the horizon turns pink and finally a deep sighing purple. there are few times that i felt as much love for cleveland as i did last night, and thats been driving the shoreway to lakewood at the sunset, and i think that may be the only other way you can get the view i had last night.

thank you brad...if i am invited to the solstace this fall, i will take you with (just dont touch the furry things, and you'll be great...but you knew that already)

Song of the day: i'll follow the sun- the beatles


Anonymous said...

You are such a lovely and wonderful person, and yes you are welcome to come over to watch the sunrise!

molly said...

(blush)yea! thank you, and thanks for stopping by

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