Monday, August 21, 2006


honest i learned a good lesson from this blogger named jackie one night. she commented on how she logged about something from work, and someone from work read it and confronted her, and looking back, she realized that she needed to be more careful about the things she wrote and published to the world, as you never know who is reading, or what their response would be.

i take that advise to heart, and i am thankful that i am learning more and more how to be honest and stay true to myself without a destructive over-share of information (also partly due to an experience with a -different- jackie)

Song of the day: jelly roll- charles mingus


Anonymous said...

And that's why I don't blog....

molly said...

hmmm...if thats the only thing keeping you from blogging, i hope you rethink your decision

Rev. Rumble Fish said...

First; I love the art. I love that statement. I would rather find myself face first in the dirt with my honour and integrity intact than to rise above by stepping on people.

Second; You are absolutely right. We do want to be careful what we write. You never do know who is reading/lurking. I always look at it as, do I want to be confronted about what I am about to write. As I am an open and honest person I always answer "bring it on." However that's me. Not everyone has my destructive tendencies.

molly said...

absolutely, bring it on, and if i understand what you are saying, ill bring it right back... of course, i consider my self a destructive type of wench as well

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