Friday, August 04, 2006

bill mahr and israel

i do really like this guy!

The World IS Mel Gibson

"As I watch so much of the world ask Israel for restraint in a way no other country would (Can you imagine what Bush would do if a terrorist organization took over Canada and was lobbing missiles into Montana, Maine and Illinois?) - and, by the way, does anyone ever ask Hezbollah for restraint. you know, like, please stop firing your rockets aimed PURPOSEFULLY at civilians? - it strikes me that the world IS Mel Gibson. Most of the time, the anti-semitism is under control, but that demon lives inside and when the moon is full, or there's been enough alcohol consumed,
or Israel is forced to kill people in its own defense, then it comes out."

truly, i am unsure on how i feel about the israeli/lebanese crisis. i know that everytime i become convinced that this type of military response is inappropriate, someone does something like the guy in seattle, or says something, like Iran's president saying the problem is easily resolved by dissolving israel, and then my fear and my history overwhelm me.

one thing i do know for sure though, is that i too use the idea of fighters coming into canada and what our response would be. i mean, look what we did to the entire country of afghanistan (which is not going all that well, by the way, but we dont really talk about that)for having the training camps (and yes, i know i have simplified, but it helps things to stay clear to focus on one aspect at a time).

song of the day: caravan- van morrison

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