Sunday, August 13, 2006

creating change: diversity

my friend kirsti and i met for coffee the other day, to discuss gestalt practitioners and the perception that they are unable to give a straight forward answer (i just think they didnt know what the question was) as well as other things, and she asked me if i had talked to cheryl, a woman we had met in a workshop through the drug and alcohol board.

well, i had to admit that i had not contacted cheryl- who had asked me to be in touch if i started a diversity group, that i had not really been thinking about this movement i want to start to address voting inequalities in cleveland, or to approach diversity in a different way that could bring everyone together instead of being divided into age groups, economic status or whatever (i have a friend who said that there is already a young professionals group to address stuff like that when i approached her, but i dont want to meet only people like me, i want it to be more grass roots, with people who are older, or live in the grit of cleveland or work at the grocery store as well), and i had to admit that i find it painful to be intentional (hmmm), that i am having trouble thinking about, planning what i want to do.

i am glad she asked though, because i began to think in different ways by having somebody else's imput and i said so to her. she advised i get a group of people together to brain storm (which we agreed happens too little, that there is usually a pressure to be right or to please others and so people are less likely to put ideas on the floor). so i think that is where i will start. i will put it out to coworkers and friends, and start gathering the energy around me, start creating change.

so i put this out to you too, cleveland. if you want to help create change, let me know, cause i'm getting ready to stir things up.

Song of the day: respect- aretha franklin

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