Wednesday, August 16, 2006

peace is relative

it is hard to feel positive about the fragile peace in the world. first, you have hezbollah claiming they have "won", which just seems silly to me, no one is winning in this war. i understand that they have gained a stronger foot hold in muslim nations, and look quite victorious in that a stalemate was pretty much reached (which is definitly a large win for a 'terrorist' organization), but tensions are still high, israel still killed a hezbollah bigwig on tuesday, and lebanese civillians are now stuck with the rubble of their existence.

another reason i have trouble feeling positive is that as the world was distracted by this month long scrimmage, which seems very orchetrated by iran to keep eyes off of their arms program, iraq has sunk lower. generals are coming forward and warning of civil war (which i think has actually been going on awhile already, with close to 1000/month dying in iraq since february as war casuaties-, and another thousand or two per month from lawlessness in june and july-

then, ofcourse, for all we don't talk about it afghanistan still exists, and guantanimo is still chock full of people- and as jeff hess at says, they are striking through hunger to have their rights met, and we, the united states of america, have taken away this basic civil right to make a stand with their lives by force feeding (as we did to our brave woman suffragettes almost a century ago)- another place where we force life on someone who feels there is a different purpose to their existance.

Song of the day: not by might, not by power- debbie friedman

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