Saturday, August 19, 2006

voting is not for dumbasses

i am not sure which is worse, being uninvolved in the political process, or misinformed activists. brian's experience in this lakewood coffee shop shows how speaking about that which one does not know about could possibly get the scariest political canditate ever into office,

its unlike anything i've ever seen....well, except for when all those florida jews accidentally voted for pat buchanan in 2000

from the faggoty-assed faggot

Cleveland's gay coffee shop, Truffles. A weekday evening. This weekday evening, in fact.
In the back corner, a homo regular sits at a high-top, typing on the keyboard of his laptop. His typical game.
Suddenly he laughs loudly. His usual gimmick, but none of us are new here. We ignore his attention-seeking behavior.
Seeing no reaction, he pulls out his cell phone and dials.
"Hey," he exclaims loudly. "Are you following the governor's race? I hope you aren't supporting Strickland ... Yeah, he's terrible on gay rights. But get this - he has this stupid plan to sell the turnpike for $1.8 billion!"
I raise my head, looking askance at this odd little man. A moment later he hangs up, and I shrug, deciding not to get involved.
Just then the barista passes by, and the patron flags him down.
"Are you following the governor's race?" he asks again.
"No," the employee replies. "I hate politics."
"Well you won't believe this guy Strickland," he proclaims loudly to the room. "Not only is he against gay people, but he wants to sell the turnpike to line the pockets of all the Republican lawmakers!"
By this point, I just can't take it any longer.
"Um, Strickland's the Democrat," I bark across the room. "Blackwell is the Republican. He's the one who doesn't like gays, and he wants to sell the turnpike. Not Strickland, the Democrat."
"What's that?" he asks.
"It's Blackwell, not Strickland, you should be talking about."
"Oh, OK. Well, you know, whatever."
"No, not whatever," I reply. "It's actually the most critical fact you need to remember in voting. His name. And it's Blackwell who is the asshole, not Strickland."
"Oh, Blackwell, huh? This is the governor's race?"
"Yes," I say.
"So who's Blackwell running against?"
I sigh. "Strickland."
"Oh, OK."
Democracy is doomed.

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