Friday, August 18, 2006


welcome to the world, my friend, no lung infection's gonna keep you down

my thoughts are with you and mum

update 8/19: ok, so its not a lung thing, they dont know whats going on
update 8/21: still, the doctors are unsure, but the mri shows limited brain activity... six hours later you pull out the feeding and breathing tubes and take a bottle! (i knew you were a fighter)

devin jacob 8/18/06


Anonymous said...

My thoughts are there too. I'm thanking G-d everyday that mine only has some gas and spit up issues....

PS - Rachel is not having a preemie. Not now, anyway. Just a weird woman thing that happened last night and not labor! Yea for some things.

molly said...

glad to hear that rachel is ok, and thanks for your thoughts, as you will have possibly seen in the new photo on the 21st, he is off the respirator, though not entirely out of the the way, i really like it that you stopped by and commented. see you soon

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