Saturday, August 05, 2006


the idea of intention is still pretty recent in my conciousness. i had always had such a narrow definition of the word, then i read this little tidbit, and realized intention needs to be applied everywhere, and with awareness...

A Syllabus for Journalism as a Healing Art

"The key is intention. Returning to the agriculture metaphor, the key for journalists is to learn how to cultivate a positive intention behind their communication, from which seeds of intention will grow language that does not injure, aggravate or destroy, but rather that sustains, helps and heals.

Journalism’s professional ethical code of “objectivity” contradicts itself, because it asks journalists to create positive moral outcomes while acting in a morally neutral manner.

Yet only positive moral intentions, followed by positive and skilled moral actions, can create positive moral outcomes…"

Song of the day: the queen and the soldier- suzanne vega


Jeff Hess said...

Shalom Molly,

I've always thought it interesting that in American culture we speak about trying to do something. Not to go all Yoda on you, but there is no try, there is only do or not do.

And I think that we are more likely to successfully do something if we have clear intentions. Intentions give us focus. Intentions give us strength.



molly said...

thanks jeff, for your input. i know you have seen my struggle with the concept of intention over the past several months, and are aware of opportunities i fear are lost due to my lack of focus, planning- your throwing in the word 'trying' brings an entirely new aspect of intention to the table- does intention denote a definite outcome, or just attempting for a certain outcome?... i feel like i am missing something here.

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