Friday, November 24, 2006

dont fence me in

so instead of trying to find away to help keep young from being tempted to become terrorists/ fighters in and around kashmir (which would involve things that would bring hope, such as education and opportunities for good employment), india and pakistan decide to build a fence to keep these men on the right side of the fence.

this fence has decreased the movement of wild animals, leopards and black bears to be precise, and now
More than a dozen people have been killed so far this year by wild animals -- five in the past month alone -- and scores of others have been injured, wildlife officials say

how dare these animals!! right?!! i mean, come on, just because people have lowered their access to food and the winters coming does not give any animal the right...
At the weekend, a man was dragged from his mud house in Baramulla district by a leopard as he slept and a woman was mauled by a black bear in the Kupwara region

really, being a bear or leopard is no excuse to have such bad manners as to take a man from his bed in the middle of the night just to eat him for supper, i guess the best solution...
Police say at least six bears and leopards have been killed by villagers and authorities in the last ten months after attacking local people. the way, did i mention i almost hit another deer crossing south belvoir at fairmount road? my god, its like were being attacked by wildlife, its the end of civilization as we know it!

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Rev. Rumble Fish said...


Bad behavior and poor manners is simply unnacceptable for any species, but I guess that we (Mankind) really can't go throwing that stone in this glass house. :-)


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