Friday, November 03, 2006

side effects

having ms, its not really such a big deal when on a healthy kick, but about three years ago, i started having problems again after a four year remission, and this year has been very trying on me, not so much because of actual ms symptoms and flare ups, but because of the inconvient side effects that can happen

ms comes with a higher rate of infections in general, uti's, respiratory infections...which often are followed by ear infections. i have theory on why this is, most importantly it is recommended that one does nothing to boost the immune system-no echinacea, no doubling up on the anti-oxidents, etc. etc.

no adult likes to have chilhood illnesses and so alot of times this stuff is untalked about, and while the doctors will tell you to be careful to not get sick (because every time one has an infection of any sort, the immune system does come swooping in, and often once it has quelled the real illness will decide it is still in the mood to rumble and go after the myelin), life is full of germs.

as you may be able to tell, i am tired of not feeling well

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