Thursday, November 30, 2006

leaving depression

sunday, i ended up having a panic attack when i was out with jeff j. and he says to me "molly, its time for you to get a job, make a list of every place in town you could work tomorrow. just take that one step, i promise youll feel better", and i dont know how he knew why i was so depressed- as i didnt know fully- but two things happened on monday.

first, i got my period, which always helps in decreasing depression i have to admit (hess tells me i need to take extra b-vitamins), but more importantly i did make that list, and tuesday i tweaked my resume and on wednesday, i sent out two applications, and i hope to send out two more today, and it did relieve the sadness.

you know, i grow and grow, and i knew that i was taking a risk when i started at the hospital after grad, but i still did it. i like to be comfortable. so i worked for four months, and then was glad to have some time off, but i just didnt move forward when it was time to, and of course it led to this rut. inaction breeds inaction for me as for many and it makes me sad when i feel unproductive, without purpose, which is how it has been for about three months.
thanks for the advise jeff

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