Monday, November 13, 2006

a note on honesty

many people call me introspective, and i guess i can be. first, i do believe in order to take the world in the way i do, trying to see others for who they are, i need to be very awawre of who i am so as to not loose myself. but i also try to approach anything i put out in the world like those whom i most admire do. sometimes, the poet is just an exhibitionist but sometimes its more about baring the self where it hurts the most in hopes of creating a connection with/for another, or to be as honest as possible...
i was just so thin-skinned and delicate
i was so vulnerable and i felt naked in my work,
my individual psychological descent coincided, ironically
with my accent into the public eye.
they were putting me on a pedestal
and i was wobbling!
so i took it upon myself, since i was a public voice,
and was subject to this kind of weird worship,
that they should know who they were worshipping.
i was demanding of myself a deeper and greater honesty,
more and more revelation in my work,
in order to give it back to the people
where it goes into their lives and it nourishes them,
and changes their direction; it makes them feel
and makes lightbulbs go off in their heads
and it isnt vague, it strikes against
the nerves of their lives and in order to do that
you have to strike against the very nerves of your own
-joni mitchell

Song of the day: all i really want- joni mitchell

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