Saturday, November 18, 2006

a referral

i get to work this morning and immediatly ran into hallie, the social worker from intake, who informs me that they are looking for a social worker at her other job at another hospital in the same hospital system as where i work...

hallie told me that they are looking for someone to work from 7pm to 7 am wed. thur. fri. and while the idea of working through the night scares me (i love the morning) i think it might very well be doable as i get my own office and hallie says night shift tends to be slower then the day shuift and there are plenty of opportunities for naps, plus it leaves me tons of room during the rest of the week for fun and play.

finally hallie said to use her as my referrence. i feel just a little less depressed

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Sorriah42 said...

It should be good to know that someone thinks highly of your capabilities that she wants you associated with her name when you apply for a job. That would make me feel good.

molly said...

you know, i hadnt even looked at it that way...i like it.

as for the job, i really have to consider if i can manage being up nights like that as my relationship to sleep is quite fragile..

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