Wednesday, November 08, 2006

making the change matter

all right democrats, here you are, we have handed you the power to change the world again, to bring forth your visions, to return our country to standing


dont pussy-foot your way around any more, to sway and swerve to please the masses- be true to yourself and to us, teach us once again that disagreement can lead to successful outcomes

dont think in the grandiouse scheme of impeachment and punishment- think about bringing us back into balance, repeal the torture laws if you can, balance our finances, create a respectful arena to discuss the middle ground.... help encourage a war decision.

please dont disappoint again. remember your life is not about you, its about your country


Rev. Rumble Fish said...

(Though most of my votes when to third party representatives. I hate this two party schema.)

molly said...

(pretty much means amen in one of the native american dialects, just cant remember which one right at the moment)

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