Sunday, November 05, 2006


i almost hit this buck yesterday driving to work...thats the third time this year i have seen deer in what seems to be an inappropriate place for deer to be hanging out.

Song of the day: chickenman- indigo girls


Rev. Rumble Fish said...


Damn crazy whipper-snapper deer! Where's the respect? In my day deer knew how to behave themselves and act properly. Bucks were bucks, and deer were deer. But now!? Now we have all these bucks and deer running around like they own the place with flagrant disregard for boundaries and common courtesy. There should be a national curfew for these punks!

Frankly, and quite honestly, I don't know how much longer I can put up with this. What has happened to our bucks and deer these days? Where are their parents? Who is handing out the proper beat downs? No one! That's the problem.

I guess we can only hope for the best and stay safe inside our homes. ;-)

Blessed Be,

molly said...

or pull out our shotguns and go a venison hunting- a much more proactive approach...

just recently, another land developer came along and ripped up a wooded patch in the eastern cleveland suburbs for more high end housing, and i do feel that this has driven the deer to graze further west toward the city, as i have lived in my neighborhood for four years, and never saw a deer near me until this year, and have now seen two in my happy urban suburb...this deer was in garfield heights though, which makes a little more sense since there is a "metropark" in the area

Pesha said...

The good news is that now people in the city who would not normally see this type of wildlife, now get to see them. And the deer bring blessings. The bad news is that as the animals come more into the urban setting more will be killed and more people will use this as an excuse for widespread killings and sanctioned hunting of these beautiful animals, not for meat and clothing, but because they have the audacity to infringe on human domain.

molly said...

actually, i think at this point, the hunts are more humane. part of the problem with the deer is that there is an overpopulation at this point, and better to shoot a number of deer (under regulation) then allow them all to starve, as food compitition is great, as well as the effect of over grazing has on other creatures wiuthin the ecosystem...i wonder what the natural predator to deer was?

Anonymous said...

On the turnpike Friday we had to go from 80 to 5mph to avoid hitting a deer. Thank G-d there was no one behind us and that Dave is a good driver! My m-in-law ALWAYS says, no matter the season, "watch out for deer". It will be on her tombstone.

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