Wednesday, November 08, 2006

that darned bingo!!

i have a yahoo account. its not my main a ccount, but i check it on a regular basis as thats where i have the stuff i am less interested in reading sent, but yesterday, there was a mail from a good friend of mine from london, and without paying any attention, i just opened it

it was the dreaded bingo invite

the bingo invite is not purposely sent to one, but just as i popped open a welcome note from a familiar name, so did she, and just as this invite then attatched itself to her address book to get to me, so too was my address book invade. the best solution i could think of was to end that address book.

im sure most of you knew this already, but it really bothers me.

Song of the day: telephone game- bye bye birdie


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "look out". When I see that from you I hopefully won't be inclined to open it. (R)

molly said...

actually, the only people in my yahoo address book were from events and were all on group lists, from grad school and my first gestalt group so you were always safe...

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