Friday, November 10, 2006

it makes me think of you

untitled (?)- denise t. barry
i am impeccable.
i am your teacher.
you will become impeccable also
and you will wonder how it is
you have lived so long without this skill.

impeccable means absolute economy of energy.
there is precision and care in all action
and tremendous presence without depletion.
there is depth of knowing from within
and this is expressed with ease and simplicity.

there is order and purpose in this skill
and the function is to create a pattern
that promotes wholeness and health
with expansiveness of vision

take responsibility for your life!
impeccable means cut out
what you dont want
and put into yourself what you do want
with every thought, word and deed


Anonymous said...

It reminds me: When you ride a bicycle and want to avoid a bump or something in the road - don't look at the bump or the thing you want to avoid - look, instead, where you want your tires to go. It works - truly it works. So I took this advice and try to use it with my life in general. (R)

molly said...

lol, i havent been on a bike since like, 1988 or afraid to take my second foot off the ground

Anonymous said...

There are SO MANY implications in that.

Pesha said...

I was just going to say the same thing :-)

molly said...

i was just refering to the fact that as i gained all that weight, i lost my sense of gravity, and as i lost the weight, i started having a different kind of balance issue and can imagine the bike riding would be just as dangerous and crooked as my walking (though jackie thinks im just too stubborn, its not stubbornness, i think its more careless, like when i kept walking in front of the busses)

Anonymous said...

You can write whatever you want - but you can't always make the reader interpret it the way you had meant it (the heart and art of communication). You might have meant that, but I can interpret it more deeply then that - and just as superficially.

molly said...

yes, and assuming you are responding to the bicycle stuff, i will always have an urge to respond to misunderstood communication with my truth... and just to be sure, no one thinks i wrote the poem, do they? cause that denise chick did...

molly said...

many moons later, i feel a little concrete...forget the bike, i truly see how i AM keeping that second foot on the ground

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