Wednesday, March 21, 2007

another morning

so the rate of progression has slowed this morning, the right foot and calf have been slower to escalate...called the mellen center for ms treatment and research at the cleveland clinic yesterday morning....the nurse called back at seven last night, and hopefully i will get in to see my doctor today as i want to start steroids by tomorrow evening- there is just too much happening to be as distracted as i, gestalt is in a month, wolf creek in two and recovery can take months and months when not aided by steroids...they will do home health care- its cheaper, which is good because i am not positive my new insurance will pay for this despiute the fact i have not had documented care for my ms since feb. of 2006 and the pre-existing condition clausze says it wont pay for any condition that has been treated in the past six months for the first six months on the insurance plan, im thinking they will find a way around that

i am really hoping that these ms posts will help someone, whether a person living with a chronic condition such as ms, or a family member who wants to be able to better understand...if you read this, and find use from it, or feel that i could be proving more or something more relevant, please let me know...either comment in the comment section, or feel free to email me (which i believe you can do by clicking on the "view whole profile" tab located in the right hand collumn )Song of the day:

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Anonymous said...

I don't know about anyone else, but it certainly helps me to understand your experience better. No matter how much those of us who care about you try, we really can't understand since this is so far away from our experiences. Please keep sharing.

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