Friday, March 02, 2007

baby orangutan plays with tiger cub

ok, i love this story of tigers and orangutan cubs getting along and caring for each other, because it is a beautiful thing....but at the same time, i think there is truth to this video (and i really needed the laugh the surprise ending gave me)


HitThaFloor said...

OK - I wasn't expecting the end - even though I know it was edited in. I happened to see the two of them on "The Week in Pictures" on MSN. So far today it's voted number 1 for the week.

OK - I tried copying the picture but it didn't work. They were both abandoned by their mothers and ended up at the same animal hospital in Indonesia.

molly said...

lol, yeah, it shocked the hell out of me too, and once i figured out it was a joke, i got the best laugh id gotten in weeks (of course, ive been such an anxious freak as of late, i dont think ive laughed at all in a few weeks)

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