Sunday, March 25, 2007

3/5 done: gestalting through the hard parts

one thing that i just have not taken care of is this little assignment from gestalt that was actually due back the first weekend of february but which i never got around to doing. it is three measley questions arounf how i plan to use this training, use gestalt in my practice, in my life...i dislike the questions.

it was a grumpy, painful, quiet drip today. my veins have not been wanting to pop, out, and weve gone in at the same spot each day so far (i refuse to sleep in the needle stuff...i have to be repierced each day) and it totally ached today, and so maynard and i were quiet...he mostly caught up on paper work

while i just stared and my painful paw

neitzche finally felt comfortable around manard, and decided to sit on the couch and watch...unfortunately, he seemed traumatized by the experience

anyhow, my fever finally spiked today, and the mood started swinging. it is the first really beautiful day of the year, i should be outside, and walking, but im tired, tired and uncomfortable, i have adema in the left nakle and my skin is still buzzing, the leg stiff in the invisible cast, waiting waiting for the solumedrol to kick in, and really i just want to go home...

so i drove instead, watching couples, familys, women with dogs walking and biking and pulling strollers- such bitterness and crabiness with the three abreast in the street and the large amounts of cars on the side of the road- how dare they not be more considerate of us drivers!!...and then i thought,

"wait, gestalt it!" youre jealous, and reasonably so, but youre also projecting- think about how joyful it is for everyone out there- to use their bodies, their health" and i felt calm take over me, and i came hoome to care for self and i felt renewed in my decision...and this is one way in which i will be able to use gestalt

Song of the day: joyful girl- ani difranco

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Sorriah42 said...

Your teachers should be "proud mamas" (or papas as the case may be). Good for you to be able to do that. It's so hard to get outside of negativity. That's usually more then half my problem.

I wish Little One could gestalt his growth spurt / teething pain. Boy wouldn't that be nice. "Hey mama, I hurt, but, it'll be over soon." Actually - I don't think that's a good gestalt quote since I'm more then a little ignorant on the topic so, insert quote here: "______".

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